Computer Rates & Service

We offers reliable service for all the items listed below and more!

Home Support Hourly service rate: $65.00 After 5:30pm / Weekends hourly service rate: $85.00
Business Support Hourly service rate: $85.00 After 5:30pm / Weekends hourly service rate: $100.00



Don't know what's wrong? Need us to take a look and test it to find the underlining issue is? We would be glad to track down the problem for you.

Data Transfer

We will transfer up to 50GB of data from one device to another device or online service. *Media source provided by customer.

**We can do a project cost for floppy disks, CD/DVD's or older media.

Tune-up & Optimization

If your PC or Mac runs slowly or takes a long time to boot, we can do a tune-up and optimization to bring it up to speed.

Virus Removal

Is your PC infected with a Virus, Malware or Spyware? Viruses, Malware and Spyware should be removed as soon as possible so their payloads are not unleashed, or hackers can not steal your data or control the pc or mac.

OS Installation

Operating System Installation

We can install operating system software on your PC.(Customer will have to purchase the OS for us to install on their computer or mac unless they have a legitimate Software and CD Keys)

New System Migration


Setting up a computer on an exisitng network, or moving data from an old computer to a new one takes time. This job could take you hours. Then there is the chance that you could miss data if you do not copy or backup the correct locations. We can make this transition quick and painless to you.

Custom Computer Builds


When your business calls for a custom built server, a powerhouse of a CAD Station, to a home users gamers rig that will get you the last laugh! We can help you put together the computers that goes a step above the OEM computers.

Networking Services


Network computing is no longer just for the big businesses. More and more home users and small businesses are also enjoying the benefits from having a Local Area Network on their premises. We will help you to find organization to your network and keep it running smooth.

Issue Specific

Operating System Installation

From Windows blue screen of death, to wireless networks being uncooperative, we have solutions for it all. We also support specific troubleshooting for alternative OSes and applications such as Mac, Linux, Open Office, and Libre Office. Give us a call and we can increase your productivity, and end your frustration quickly.



One of mistakes home user and businesses make are not setting up a stable backup for their data. By not having a local or online backup these users are setting themselves up for failure. It only a harddrive to fail or and SSD to not read anymore. Why would anyone want to take such a big chance with work data or home pictures? Let use make you data safe, we have a solution to fit you.

Remote Access


It's late at night and you forgot a file at work that you need to work on for tomorrow's meeting or you just want to work on your computer from home. Remote access can help you when issues like this occur. We can help you make a secure connection to your home or office PC from a laptop, or anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Work is Documented


Through providing documentation to our customers, we empower them to view all items worked on and see items yet to be completed. All access and passwords are also documented so that the customer has final control.

Custom Requests

If the computer service you are interested in is not specifically listed above, please call or email us. We are sure we will be able to take care of your needs.