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Computer Visions is owned and operated by Jeff Davis. Jeff has been working with computers since 1984. He started on Apple IIe and Commodore 64's. This was the begining of his training for what would be come his love and passion in the soon to come tech industry.

In 1986 he progressed forward with working on IBM computers and IBM compatible computers. Taking them apart to repair or check components. Throughout his high school years he helped troubleshoot friends and neighbours computers more as a hobby. In his college years, he went on to work the college computer lab and still help neighbours, friends and family as a hobby fixing their computers.

In 1997 he started to seriously put his interest for computers to work in many capacities within the computer industry. Since then, he has gained professional experience in areas such as training, hardware support, software support, phone tech support, computer sales, bench technician, web publisher, web master, systems administrator, consultant and an IT Director.

Jeff began Computer Visions in 2004. His business goals are to help small businesses, home offices, and home users with computer and networking solutions that fit their needs. One size solutions do not fit all. Small businesses need practical solutions on their scale, not a standard package that is sold to anyone and everyone no matter their size or technology needs.

Computer Visions is about finding out what your vision is for your company and how we, with technology, can help you get there.